Monday, May 7, 2007

Bribery and Shipyard Kickbacks

Alison Broda gets out of Prison this week.... She should have never gone.


Alan Marias said...

Both Alison and Teresa Stranigan got screwed. The Government agents were after Gene Boyce the Transportation Officer, he was responsible for running the shipyard. His corruption and kick-backs go back over a decade, everyone in the area knew about Gene's relationship with AIT.. and the clerks working under him knew exactly what he was doing (he made it business as usual at the shipyard they just wanted to get in on the action so they started demanding favors from the carriers). Come on, Broda was Stranigan's friend for years and their friendship had nothing to do with freight. Our company handled plenty of freight from spawar and we did'net give Broda a sandwich (as the newspaper stated) or anything else. The buzz is out that two more companies are going down.... I know one of them that is dirty (they bribe me every year with concert tickets to the amphitheather and make other suggestions if I give them business.. screw them.. he can keep his concert tickets and remember the good times when he's sitting behind bars. I just want to know who is giving sex for freight? that is one I have'nt heard "hey if you are out there come see me, I have plenty of freight"

Anonymous said...

Its pretty much common knowledge that Kelly Long from AIT and Lorrie Speakman from Team Air got immunity for rolling everyone, I'm not sure about anyone else getting immunity or special deals. You don't give immunity to a person that is innocent, they should have done time like everyone else if they were involved in any part.

I'm amazed at one of the biggest Defense Contractors locally that have given almost all their business to Unishippers. What the hell is that? Unishippers is trying to past off as a 3PL and that is a bunch of bull. They are resellers of DHL, UPS, and BAX Global and a couple of LTL's. If this DOD contractor has a small shipment it goes through one of the two small package carriers, but if they have an expedited shipment of any kind that is over 100 lbs it automatically goes to BAX. The DOD Contractor fills out a BAX bill of lading, and the shipment is invoiced to Unishippers, Unishippers then marks up the bill and invoices the DOD Contractor. If this sounds like a scam (it is). Go to Unishippers website and anyone with a brain can see that the only heavyweight option is BAX, this is not an issue on BAX, it is a definite issue for the defense contractor, the rule is that DOD Contractors must get three bids, not sole source to a 3PL that is marking up the invoice before tendering to the Government Contractor. Does anyone smell "jail time" for the guy that approved this 3PL contract and possibly the Unishipper Sales Rep. The unbelieveable part to all of this is that this DOD Contractor has been in trouble before.
Also, I know who you are talking about with the sex, their were two companies that had female employees that would pretty much do anything if you had enough freight, one of the woman has cleaned up her act, the other is still getting business the old fashion way, incidently she was spotted at one of the local Defense Contractors Chistmas Party this pass year with one of their main Project Managers (instead of his wife) Guess who handles most of their freight, you guessed it "she does".
I'm glad that is site is available so maybe those of us that are sick and tired of this behavior can get our comments out in the open.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Broda gets out of prison in two weeks, Speller gets out in October. You can check the exact details of all inmates by going to Federal Inmate Locator on the Federal Prison website.

Jason said...

What happened to AIT and The Team Group? I though AIT turned into ICAT but someone told me that ICAT also closed down.

Dennis said...

It gets confusing, but this is what I have been told. Lorrie Speakman had a non-compete with Team, she violated the non-compete and opened ICAT with another Team employee, Team tried to sue her but non-competes are hard to enforce in VA. Lorrie was a complete failure, she tried to steal all of Team's business but the customers realized what she was doing and all but a few would have nothing to do with ICAT or Speakman. When AIT pulled the franchise from Tom Perry because of the Government investigations he immediately went to ICAT, ICAT corporate pulled the contract from Speakman for non-performance because of lack of business. ICAT operated until this past Feb when ICAT corporate pulled the contract again from Tom, The local office then made a contract with ACS and are now trading as ACS. The Team organization closed down the local office in July of 2005 after Wiley pleaded guilty to charge of offering a illegal gratunity. After closing Team down, the local owners sold the local office over to BTX Air. Wiley stayed on with BTX for a couple of months to assist in the transition of business and assets. BTX has been operating since Aug 2005 as a separate company, Wiley has worked for Express Logistics (DHL Reseller)as an area manager for over a year. Team, AIT and ICAT are all still in business but do not have a local offices in the Norfolk area.

Dennis said...

Someone at my office emailed me a link to this and I'm glad that someone has the b___'s to get this crap out in the open.

I am more than a little pissed at the ruined life's because of what Boyce/Perry started and allowed to be standard practice. This I know for fact, Barbra Speller was clean for many years and I personally worked with her on many projects, she and everyone else in bldg 276 knew what Boyce was doing (if anyone other than AIT got the large shipments Tom Perry would call Gene and he would advise the clerks that "Mr Perry" (we were required to address him as Mr. Perry) was to handle all shipments within a certain range of service, etc. Barbara had seen Boyce doing this for years and she and Lori Speakman decided to beat Gene and Tom at their own game. Speakman agreed to split her commissions with Barbara and thats when it got interesting, Team was handling allot of the Domestic and AIT was handling all of the Intl shipments, Tom Perry and Gene Boyce were getting pissed because they were not getting the shipments they needed to make their money on the side, so Gene Boyce started finding ways to throw Team out, for example he banned them because they used an outside company to do several late pickups stating that Team was in violation of shipyard policy, when the company that Team used was the same company that AIT would use almost daily.
As Team started handling more freight both Barbara and Lori Speakman got even more greedy, Barbara would only discuss shipments with Lori dirctly, she would contact Lori on Lori's cell phone and would not work with anyone else at Team, I have talked with several ex-Team employees and have been told that she would not let anyone else quote and handle any shipyard freight, when it was time for billing Speakman would advise clerks at Team how much to invoice and stated that she received approved spot quoted from the T.O. Barabra would call Lori every Thursday and tell Lori exactly how much she wanted in cash on Friday for the freight she funneled to Speakman, Lori would then meet Barbara and pay her the cut they agreed to. This information I found out from one of Lori's old friends that had worked at the airport, Speakman had worked at the airport and at Service by Air before taking a job at Team, before Team she never made more the $24,000 a year, she was hired at Team for $24,500 to work in operations, that did not work out because Speakman could not get along with anyone at Team, so Steve Wiley put her in sales instead of letting her go because she claimed she burnt bridges at Service by Air. Speakman was on a draw plus commission and within a year she was making over $100,000; that I have heard Wiley state more than once created a greed machine. Speakman came from nothing and when she started making money she could'nt handle it, she work do anything to make more.

After months of spliting her commissions, Speller started demanding more money than Speakman could pay and Speakman went to Wiley and told him about the arrangement, Wiley advised someone at Team and was told to get the situation under control and stop Speakman. Wiley stopped the activity, he lowered all tender rates so that there was not any profit to split. He thought it was over.

After months of Lori Speakman not making big dollars in commission, she left Team to start ICAT Logistics, she decided that if she could not make money the other way she would simply take everything she could from Team and put them out of business, Speakman had signed a non-compete but it did'nt matter to her, that greedy bitch wanted it all.

The local customers could see though her and refused to support her new business. She then heard that Federal Agents were investigating AIT and the shipyard, Team was under an audit but not under criminal review. Speakman got scared and went to her lawyer and they made a deal with Federal Agents to turn in Speller in turn for immunity from prosecution. When they questioned Wiley he told all he knew and they threatened to indict him for multiple counts of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government because he was found out about her activity and instead of turning her in he covered it up (at the instuction of his superiors). His lawyer told him if he did not plea to a single charge they would indict and he would get years in prison. Upon his plea the Team organization dumped him, he was out taking the entire blame, and without a business or any means of support. Speakman along with her deal also turned in several customers that she had given favors to for business, and she turned in her ex-employer an employee at Service by Air for having relationships with men that influenced business. She rolled as many people as she could to get her fat butt out of the trouble she caused.

This is wrong, does it make sense that the government did the same thing Speakman did? They made a deal and gave her something of value for her information so they did not have to put the resources into getting the real crook. Why would they not want to put the real CROOK in prison, instead they just want convictions at the cost of many life's that she sucked into her BS.

FYI, Wiley went to his sentence hearing and about five minutes was about him the rest was about Speakman. The judge did not give him any prison time, also he was the other one that did not get any fines or restitution to pay.

I saw him at Food Lion a few months ago and he is writing a book titled "The One That Got Away" That is kind of cool because everyone that knows Steve, knows that he loves the water. He is "dead on" the biggest fish got away SPEAKMAN.

Her time will come, One Day Just Wait and See. Everything in life comes back in balance at some point. Barbara Speller gets out of prison in October 2007.

Jason said...

I used to deal with Steve several years ago, I agree the whole thing sucks. The newspapers painted him to be the bad guy and anyone with half a brain in the industry knows better. When Speakman opened ICAT, everyone found out her true character (of lack of character).

Does anyone know where she is working now? I heard her mother was laid off for medical reasons from a local broker in will not name.